Lawfully Charmed, a Sweet Western Historical Romance in the new Hero Hearts Series is Live on Amazon!

It’s Launch Day, which is always one of my most favorite days as an author! I’m excited to share that Lawfully Charmed, a sweet historical western, and part of the HERO HEARTS series is officially live on, and just $0.99 for the first few days of launch, or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s an excerpt from the book featuring one of the main characters, Claire, and her brother.

This book was a lot of fun to write. Claire Hawarden is smart, sassy, independent, and caring. Sullivan Clarke, a sheriff, is strong, handsome, brave, and just a bit guarded. Claire travels to Bareglen Creek, TX (a fictional town) to help her sister who recently lost her husband. Claire has been given strict instructions to bring her sister and brother home to Philadelphia by her mother…but will she?

You’ll have to read LAWFULLY CHARMED to find out what happens between Claire and Sheriff Clarke!

The book also features a cameo appearance by Colossal, a longhorn, and early readers are calling for a side series to cover several of the additional characters in the book. Originally this book was intended to be a standalone novella, however, as the characters came to life, it became clear that several of them need their own story, as well. Stay tuned for a side series for Bareglen Creek!

You can get your copy here: Lawfully Charmed

Please drop a comment below to let me know your favorite part of the story, and if you’ve already read it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon here: Lawfully Charmed Review

There are more exciting books coming in just three weeks for HERO HEARTS, so stay tuned!

HERO HEARTS Historical Christian Romance Series Cover Reveal: Lawfully Charmed

The HERO HEARTS release is just six days away! I’m thrilled to share my cover for my first book in this new, exciting series, LAWFULLY CHARMED.

What is HERO HEARTS? It is a new multi-author series alternating between historical westerns and contemporary westerns featuring heroes that span multiple agencies and decades—even generations.

The authors are Annie Boone, Hayley Wescott, and Kate Cambridge, and we will bring you captivating stories of romance and suspense between heroes — and the women who love them.

HERO HEARTS is a world like no other; a world where Heroes are honored with unforgettable stories, characters, and love.

Each book in the HERO HEARTS series is a standalone book, and you can read them in any order.

The first series, a western historical romance will sheriffs and deputy sheriffs in the great State of Texas. The books will be released simultaneously on February 8, 2018, just in time for Valentines!  Thereafter you can expect a book release every two to three weeks as a mini-series of sorts. Most series will feature all three authors, however, you may find additional series featuring even just two books.

Join us for the Launch Party on Facebook where you can meet the authors, play some fun games, participate in giveaways and contests, and more! In honor of the independent spirit of the great State of Texas, we’re giving away a gift certificate to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ MAGNOLIA MARKET! Don’t miss a chance to win this!

Join Kate’s Readers Club here for special launch-day pricing, contests, giveaways, newsletters and more! Join — it’s free! >> Kate’s Reader Club

I’m thrilled to be working with these amazing women and authors. If you love western romance, and sweet stories of faith, hope, and love, I hope you will enjoy this series, and hope to see you at the Launch Party!



Kate Cambridge’s Thanksgiving Giveaway

Have you been hanging out with us on the Kate Cambridge Facebook page this week? If so, you know it has been a week of giving–every single day–to my amazing readers. All in the spirit of gratitude and giving.

Today I’m starting a weekend-long giveaway for a beautiful pair of Made-in-Maine earrings or pendant–your choice! I’ve chosen to feature Designami on Etsy because I LOVE her work.  The care she puts into crafting beautiful jewelry that is Made-in-Maine is awe-inspiring, and she adds a little bit of Maine to every piece.

Pretty amazing, right?!

If you want to enter, visit this link:  Kate’s Tgiving Contest Giveaway

Want to WIN?

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The more you share, the more entries you receive, and the more chances you’ll have to win your choice of earrings or pendant.

One winner will be chosen via the system (based on points/shares) on Sunday night at 9pm Eastern. The winner will be announced on Monday morning on my Facebook page!

Good luck everyone!

(P.S. After you enter, you’ll be prompted to come back and leave a comment on the blog. Make sure you do this step for bonus points!)

Love’s Leading Launches with the First Street Church Kindle Worlds Series!

What’s more amazing for an author than releasing a new book to their readers? Not much—it’s a tough one to beat. With that said, launching LOVE’S LEADING with Melissa Storm’s First Street Church Kindle Worlds series has been one of my best experience to-date with a multi-author launch.

Coordinating just a few authors can be a challenge, but somehow Melissa and her entire team corraled TWENTY authors for the November 15th release! It was masterful, and I don’t use that word lightly!

My more recent books are my favorite to-date (contemporary) but don’t worry, I will complete the Choice Brides Suffragette series in 2018 if you’re a historical romance fan.

I do feel like I’ve found my I can’t wait to write and create more and more characters and stories with sweet contemporary romance… with a sprinkle of intrigue. Right now, the contemporary genre meshes perfectly.

Have you picked up a copy of Love’s Leading yet? If not, it’s a contemporary romance with a heat level of… maybe one. It’s a story about a man who lost a wife he loved dearly, a recent move to Sweet Grove, Texas with his five-year-old daughter, and the nanny he hired to care for her so he can continue his work as a consultant for the FBI.

What he doesn’t know, and could not anticipate is that his daughter will come to love the nanny, almost instantaneously, and that presents some problems for them–especially once Athena’s secret comes to light; well that, and the fact that she’s just the nanny. Or is she?

You’ll have to read it to find out!

Get your copy of Love’s Leading, and please let me know how you like it!


IVY’S SEARCH a Contemporary Western Romance in the Burnt River Series Just Released

I’m thrilled to share that IVY’S SEARCH is officially released and live on! I’ll publish links to Barnes & Noble and the other platforms as soon as the book is available there.

IVY’S SEARCH is one of my favorite stories to-date, and brings an element of suspense and danger to Burnt River, in addition to some very handsome, tough and sexy Navy SEALS. (It’s hard to go wrong with that combination!)

Several other existing Burnt River characters make an appearance in this book, too.

This was a fun book to write, and I introduce a few new characters that are featured in a  side-series I’m writing that gives center stage to BRG Security–yes, I’m jumping headlong into writing romantic suspense with a military component! You’ll have to read IVY’S SEARCH to learn a bit more about the BRG Security guys; they come in toward the end of the book to help Ivy.

A few of you have written to ask me why I’ve moved into contemporary romance, and I want you to know that the Choice Brides Suffragette Series will continue, and I plan to finish the stories of all of Elizabeth’s friends–I promise!

For the immediate future, I’m following my heart and writing a current setting with a bit of intrigue and suspense thrown into the romance, and loving every moment! Hopefully you will love the books, too.

On November 15th I have a book that will publish in the First Street Church Kindle World! It’s my first foray into a ‘Kindle World’ and super fun to write with these talented authors.

There’s a lot happening over the next few months, and I’m grateful to each and everyone of you–your emails, messages on social media, and participation in events and giveaways warms my heart. My life is more beautiful because of you.

Thank you!

Get your copy of IVY’S SEARCH on Amazon here.


The New Burnt River Contemporary Western Romance Series Giveaway

I am thrilled to be writing with some amazing contemporary western romance authors in the new Burnt River Series.

Collaborating with them to create the town of Burnt River, the characters, men, women, children and families who make up this fictional town, and the opportunity to weave stories of triumph, romance, and love throughout is an honor that is indescribable.

This week we are featuring a contest giveaway in honor of the books written and the books still to come, and we hope you will join us! You can find the Burnt River Group (Facebook) here, and even if you discover this after the giveaway is over, we hope that you will still join us and take part in what is quickly becoming a wonderful community of readers and romance lovers.

My first book, Aqua’s Achilles, focuses on an unusual addition to the Burnt River community, the Weaver family. They are considered to be a bit of an outcast, yet manage to be part of the community and fabric of the town. Aqua’s Achilles focuses on the daughter (Aqua) and her unexpected return to Burnt River and the tumultuous relationship she re-develops with one of Burnt River’s doctors, Blake Stone.

The story ends with a bit of a twist that will develop over the course of the series.

My book 2, IVY’S SEARCH, which is book 8 in the series, starts with a bang as one of Aqua’s former college roommates reaches out during a time of trouble. She brings with her some baggage that no one in Burnt River can anticipate, and although the road is rocky and even dangerous at times, we’ll soon find out if Ivy will find what she is searching for and find the same happiness and love that the other characters in Burnt River have experienced — or will she continue to run?

Have you read the other books in the series? Please let me know in the comments below and join us in the group for fun discussion, connections, a common love of romance, and giveaways/contests.



Wagon Trains, Historical Romance, and Emma

What do wagon trains, historical romance and Emma have to do with one another? Well, research on wagon trains was the inspiration for the most recent western historical romance I wrote, Emma’s Epiphany. (Don’t search for it – it is only available in a multi-author anthology right now, Hopeful Brides.)

Sometimes my stories and books begin with an idea that just takes on a life of it’s own and I run with it. I just run with the muse.

Other times I have to do research in order to accurately convey facts or time period details that are authentic for the time period I’m writing about… or truthfully for those readers who are historically knowledgeable and will call me out if I’m not. How’s that for transparency? : )

I could live in my imagination ALL DAY LONG, and create stories that have no basis in fact, but rather are fully born of my imagination and muse. However, that doesn’t always work well for authors, especially when they write in a historical period with readers who scrutinize accuracy, and so I must research!

While researching the Oregon Trail and wagon trains, I found out some facts that were surprising to me, and I wrote about that on the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog where I’m a contributor and author member, and you can find that article here.

That research inspired a story about Emma. Emma is (this should come as no surprise for those of you who read my books) a Suffragette. She lives in Boston, and returns home from a protest that she participated in to find something that completely rocks her world. I’m not going to give you all the details, but you can find out more at the Hopeful Brides listing on

Emma is strong-willed (she’s a suffragette after all!), a junior in college, and excited about all that’s ahead of her, but that all comes to a screeching halt, and yes, as you’ve probably guessed, she ends up on a wagon train headed west.

I tried to be as true to what a wagon train was really like (not a Hollywood Western version) as possible, and Emma experiences some difficult days during her journey, but at the end (as with all my books), she finds hope and… love.

I hope this will entice you to consider picking up a copy of Hopeful Brides. It’s just $.99 right now, or FREE if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership. I’m friends with the other two authors, Annie Bone and Terri Grace, and truly thrilled to be able to release an anthology with them. Get your copy of HOPEFUL BRIDES here.

If you have questions, please leave a comment, and I promise to respond to you.

Also, please head over to the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog, read my article there, then come back here and let me know which of the 5 Facts most surprised you in the comments below, or if you already knew them all, that’s okay, too. One lucky commenter will win a $10 gift card to Amazon— so please share this post and comment below!

Have you traveled the Oregon Trail? Let us know.

*** This contest will run through Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 20th and the winner will be randomly chosen – but you do have to comment in order to win! Now go read the article on Sweet Americana Sweethearts and come back here and comment! Share and invite your friends to participate, too. It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, after all. 🙂

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RELEASE DAY is Here For Grandma’s Wedding Quilts, MONICA’S MYSTERY!

My heart is full as the reviews of my books for the incredible Grandma’s Wedding Quilts series are pouring in, and a launch-a-day approach with eleven highly-talented, award willing and bestselling authors is exciting, rewarding and fun! Monica’s Mystery released today and is already in the top 100 in three categories on

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel is in the top 3,000 in all of Amazon as of this posting, and the comments, emails, and Facebook comments from readers is heartwarming and happiness-making!

Monica’s Mystery is dedicated to my real-life niece, who is one of my favorite people. She’s similar to the Monica in this story in the sense that she is highly intelligent, independent, successful, good, smart, and has an amazing heart. It was fun creating a character for this historical western romance fiction that contains some of these same wonderful qualities. (Do keep in mind that this is a work of fiction, and as is typical in my historical fiction, I include frequent references to the Suffragettes, and will forever be grateful for their dedication, sacrifice, and work to create a more equal playing field for women in our world.)

If you haven’t yet, you can pic, up a copy of MONICA’S MYSTERY here.

Connect with all the authors in this collaborative series via the Amazon Author Central page, or by visiting our Facebook group.

If you’re interested in being an ARC reader for future books, please drop a line to me at or reach out via my Facebook page.

I’m grateful to each of you, and look forward to connecting. Please say hello on one of my social accounts listed below.

2017 is going to be an amazing year, and I have some fun projects coming up with other authors. Stay tuned, or get on the CHOICE READERS list so you can be the first to know when something fun and exciting is about to go down. : )

With love,


Launch Party for Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series

We’re celebrating the launch of the Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series with a LAUNCH PARTY, and we would love to have you join us!

Together with eleven authors, USA Today Bestselling, Award-winning and Amazon bestsellers, we bring you a beautiful historical western romance series based on a legacy of love, Grandma’s Wedding Quilts.

At the Launch Party, each author will have a 15-minute segment where we interact with readers and guests. I have a series of 10 questions planned, and all attendees have the opportunity to win a lots of different prizes, gifts, and books from each of the authors throughout the party.

Amelia Adams is hosting the party (sort of like a M.C.), and many of us will participate in the conversations during each author featured time segments, as well. It’s a fantastic way to get to know one another, have fun, and win some great prizes.

I hope to see you there! Let me know if you attend via this blog post!

Kate Cambridge


Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel

It’s finally here! The Prequel to the series, Grandma’s Wedding Quilts is available for Pre-order on Amazon!

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts is an author collaborative with USA Today Bestselling authors, Amazon Bestselling Authors, and Award-willing authors coming together to create a sweet western historical series based in Grandma Mary’s wedding quilts.

Grandma Mary hand-stitched a wedding quilt for each of her grandchildren, and each book highlights the sweet romance that led to the wedding, and Grandma’s quilt, of course!

I was fortunate enough to write two books for this series, The Prequel, and Monica’s Mystery.

The Prequel is based in present day, and you can find out more about it here: Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel.

Monica’s Mystery follows the theme of a strong, independent woman fighting for equal rights, and her journey to love.

Most of the books in the series are available for pre-order now at a special price of just $0.99, and will remain at that price until their official publish date – so get your copy now before the price increases to $2.99! You can visit to see all the available books on Amazon, or search for “Grandma’s Wedding Quilts” on Amazon. Both will work.

We have a Facebook page and Facebook group set up, as well. Come hangout with us there!