Wagon Trains, Historical Romance, and Emma

What do wagon trains, historical romance and Emma have to do with one another? Well, research on wagon trains was the inspiration for the most recent western historical romance I wrote, Emma’s Epiphany. (Don’t search for it – it is only available in a multi-author anthology right now, Hopeful Brides.)

Sometimes my stories and books begin with an idea that just takes on a life of it’s own and I run with it. I just run with the muse.

Other times I have to do research in order to accurately convey facts or time period details that are authentic for the time period I’m writing about… or truthfully for those readers who are historically knowledgeable and will call me out if I’m not. How’s that for transparency? : )

I could live in my imagination ALL DAY LONG, and create stories that have no basis in fact, but rather are fully born of my imagination and muse. However, that doesn’t always work well for authors, especially when they write in a historical period with readers who scrutinize accuracy, and so I must research!

While researching the Oregon Trail and wagon trains, I found out some facts that were surprising to me, and I wrote about that on the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog where I’m a contributor and author member, and you can find that article here.

That research inspired a story about Emma. Emma is (this should come as no surprise for those of you who read my books) a Suffragette. She lives in Boston, and returns home from a protest that she participated in to find something that completely rocks her world. I’m not going to give you all the details, but you can find out more at the Hopeful Brides listing on Amazon.com.

Emma is strong-willed (she’s a suffragette after all!), a junior in college, and excited about all that’s ahead of her, but that all comes to a screeching halt, and yes, as you’ve probably guessed, she ends up on a wagon train headed west.

I tried to be as true to what a wagon train was really like (not a Hollywood Western version) as possible, and Emma experiences some difficult days during her journey, but at the end (as with all my books), she finds hope and… love.

I hope this will entice you to consider picking up a copy of Hopeful Brides. It’s just $.99 right now, or FREE if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership. I’m friends with the other two authors, Annie Bone and Terri Grace, and truly thrilled to be able to release an anthology with them. Get your copy of HOPEFUL BRIDES here.

If you have questions, please leave a comment, and I promise to respond to you.

Also, please head over to the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog, read my article there, then come back here and let me know which of the 5 Facts most surprised you in the comments below, or if you already knew them all, that’s okay, too. One lucky commenter will win a $10 gift card to Amazon— so please share this post and comment below!

Have you traveled the Oregon Trail? Let us know.

*** This contest will run through Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 20th and the winner will be randomly chosen – but you do have to comment in order to win! Now go read the article on Sweet Americana Sweethearts and come back here and comment! Share and invite your friends to participate, too. It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, after all. :)

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RELEASE DAY is Here For Grandma’s Wedding Quilts, MONICA’S MYSTERY!

My heart is full as the reviews of my books for the incredible Grandma’s Wedding Quilts series are pouring in, and a launch-a-day approach with eleven highly-talented, award willing and bestselling authors is exciting, rewarding and fun! Monica’s Mystery released today and is already in the top 100 in three categories on Amazon.com.

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel is in the top 3,000 in all of Amazon as of this posting, and the comments, emails, and Facebook comments from readers is heartwarming and happiness-making!

Monica’s Mystery is dedicated to my real-life niece, who is one of my favorite people. She’s similar to the Monica in this story in the sense that she is highly intelligent, independent, successful, good, smart, and has an amazing heart. It was fun creating a character for this historical western romance fiction that contains some of these same wonderful qualities. (Do keep in mind that this is a work of fiction, and as is typical in my historical fiction, I include frequent references to the Suffragettes, and will forever be grateful for their dedication, sacrifice, and work to create a more equal playing field for women in our world.)

If you haven’t yet, you can pic, up a copy of MONICA’S MYSTERY here.

Connect with all the authors in this collaborative series via the Amazon Author Central page, or by visiting our Facebook group.

If you’re interested in being an ARC reader for future books, please drop a line to me at KateCambridgeAuthor@gmail.com or reach out via my Facebook page.

I’m grateful to each of you, and look forward to connecting. Please say hello on one of my social accounts listed below.

2017 is going to be an amazing year, and I have some fun projects coming up with other authors. Stay tuned, or get on the CHOICE READERS list so you can be the first to know when something fun and exciting is about to go down. : )

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Launch Party for Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series

We’re celebrating the launch of the Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series with a LAUNCH PARTY, and we would love to have you join us!

Together with eleven authors, USA Today Bestselling, Award-winning and Amazon bestsellers, we bring you a beautiful historical western romance series based on a legacy of love, Grandma’s Wedding Quilts.

At the Launch Party, each author will have a 15-minute segment where we interact with readers and guests. I have a series of 10 questions planned, and all attendees have the opportunity to win a lots of different prizes, gifts, and books from each of the authors throughout the party.

Amelia Adams is hosting the party (sort of like a M.C.), and many of us will participate in the conversations during each author featured time segments, as well. It’s a fantastic way to get to know one another, have fun, and win some great prizes.

I hope to see you there! Let me know if you attend via this blog post!

Kate Cambridge


Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel

It’s finally here! The Prequel to the series, Grandma’s Wedding Quilts is available for Pre-order on Amazon!

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts is an author collaborative with USA Today Bestselling authors, Amazon Bestselling Authors, and Award-willing authors coming together to create a sweet western historical series based in Grandma Mary’s wedding quilts.

Grandma Mary hand-stitched a wedding quilt for each of her grandchildren, and each book highlights the sweet romance that led to the wedding, and Grandma’s quilt, of course!

I was fortunate enough to write two books for this series, The Prequel, and Monica’s Mystery.

The Prequel is based in present day, and you can find out more about it here: Grandma’s Wedding Quilts – The Prequel.

Monica’s Mystery follows the theme of a strong, independent woman fighting for equal rights, and her journey to love.

Most of the books in the series are available for pre-order now at a special price of just $0.99, and will remain at that price until their official publish date – so get your copy now before the price increases to $2.99! You can visit SweetAmericanaClub.com to see all the available books on Amazon, or search for “Grandma’s Wedding Quilts” on Amazon. Both will work.

We have a Facebook page and Facebook group set up, as well. Come hangout with us there!








MAUD’S DEVOTION: A Sweet Western Mail-Order Bride With Baby Romance

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book, MAUD’S DEVOTION is live on Amazon, and part of the “Blessed With Babies Mail-Order Brides Series”  in collaboration with six women authors from the Sweet Clean Book Club!

This book is approximately 17,000 words, and features Maud, a music major and soon-to-be graduate of Vassar College. Maud has exciting things planned for her life, but unfortunately, nothing goes as planned, and Maud is forced to consider options she never thought she would face in her wildest dreams.

Join Maud on her journey to Cheyenne, Wyoming to meet her new prospective husband and his newborn twins, where, you guessed it, things don’t quite go according to plan!

Also, please check out the other books in the “Blessed With Babies” series! Each book is standalone, with the mail-order brides connected as good friends via a YWCA Bible study group. Join the women of the Blessed With Babies Series as they each embark on a new journey as a mail order bride, complete with their own challenges.

As always, each book is a clean, wholesome and sweet romance with a guaranteed happy ending.

Please connect with Kate on the Kate Cambridge Facebook page, and the Sweet Clean Book Club authors on their Facebook page.



MARGARET a Sweet Suffragette Mail Order Bride Agency Book is Live!

Margaret is live on Amazon!  This is book three in the Choice Brides Agency series, and features Margaret, a teacher from Boston. When Margaret loses everything to a home fire, she has to regroup and consider something she never thought she would… becoming a mail-order bride.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.45.31 PM

Fortunately for her, Elizabeth Dow Sharpe, her best friend and Suffragette Sister, runs a mail-order bride agency specifically for Suffragettes, and Elizabeth thinks she has found the perfect match for Margaret. A cowboy from Helena, Montana.

But what neither of them realizes is that the groom-to-be has a secret that has caused him to move up the date of his mail-order brides arrival.

He needs a wife, and fast. She is devastated, but needs to make a new start.
But will his secret tear them apart – or bring them together?

Find out!

MARGARET is available exclusively on Amazon, and is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.45.31 PM

MARGARET Suffragette Choice Mail-Order Brides Agency Cover Reveal

What better day to announce the new Cover Reveal for MARGARET, book 3 in the Suffragette Choice Mail-Order Brides Agency Series – than Hump Day? The day we turn the corner to the weekend!

MARGARET is scheduled to publish in early May, but in the meantime you can enjoy the cover, and the blurb:

Margaret Singleton has lost nearly everything. She lost her teaching job because of her Suffragette involvement, she lost her home and parents to a fire, and now she’s found out that she’s destitute; her parents mortgaged everything to pay for her college education. She has no family. No job. No money.

When it becomes evident she can’t get a teaching job in her beloved Boston because of the gossip spread by the headmaster of her former school, Margaret faces the fact that she may have to do something she never thought she would ever do.

Elizabeth, one of Margaret’s dearest friends, has just opened a Mail-Order Bride Agency that caters to Suffragettes by finding men seeking brides, who are also supportive of the Suffrage movement. When Elizabeth approaches Margaret about heading West to become the bride of one of her clients, Margaret is forced to reevaluate her life, and face the fact that there’s no future for her in her hometown.

She’s lost everything, and the thought of leaving her friends and city behind tears her apart, but she has to do something, and there’s nothing left for her in Boston.

Will Margaret find a future with the man Elizabeth believes is a good match for her? Will she ever be able to trust again after all she’s lost, especially when she finds out that things aren’t exactly as they were portrayed when she finally arrives the West?

And now, the cover:



Behold! The beautiful cover of MARGARET, Book 3 in the Suffragette Choice Mail-Order Agency Series! (Want to know when MARGARET launches so you can take advantage of special launch-day pricing? Join the CHOICE READER LIST HERE.)
P.S. Thank you, Sarah Hansen, for another beautiful-beyond-description cover!


BEGINNINGS: A Women’s Fiction Suffragette Story: Sweet, Clean and Wholesome Historical Suffragettes Mail-Order Brides Agency is LIVE

My very first book, BEGINNINGS, has been part of an exclusive Bestselling Amazon boxset for the last several months, and is finally available separately! For those of you reading the Suffragette Choice Brides Agency series, this book is the beginning of the entire series.

Get your copy here: BEGINNINGS: A Women’s Fiction Suffragette Story: Sweet, Clean and Wholesome Historical Suffrages Mail-Order Brides Agency, Book 1

This book begins with Elizabeth and her friend Margaret’s arrest and ride in a Paddy Wagon to Elizabeth’s home. What transpires from there is the catalyst behind Elizabeth’s decision to begin her own Mail-Order Bride Agency… with a twist. (You’ll have to read the book to find out what that is!)

I hope you enjoy BEGINNINGS, and the entire Suffragettes Mail Order Brides Agency series.

ELIZABETH, Book 2, is also live on Amazon, and MARGARET is in process. I’ll reveal the book cover for that soon!

If you’re not on the Choice Brides Reader list, you can join that here: CHOICE BRIDES READER  I email only when a new book has been released (special launch day pricing!), or when I’m hosting a giveaway or contest. All fun and zero spam, guaranteed.

Please don’t forget to leave a review for any and all of the books you’ve read.

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ELIZABETH: Suffragettes Mail Order Bride Agency Book 2 is LIVE

It’s been promised for awhile and now ELIZABETH is LIVE on Amazon! You canElizabeth by Kate Cambridge on Amazon get your copy here.

If you’re wondering what took so long, a female bandit made her way into the story, and Elizabeth encountered some unexpected challenges in her journey West! You can read all about it in the book, and today through Wednesday there’s special launch day pricing of just 99 cents!

Do you love reading fiction? Delight in telling other people about the last book you read? Spend time online (social media, blogging, etc.)? Then you might be a perfect addition to my Kate Cambridge street team!

If you are interested in being a beta reader, ARC reader, or part of my new Street Team, please email me at kate@katecambridge.com to let me know which of those you’re interested in, along with any details on other teams you may be involved in and what you love most.

Most importantly, thanks for being part of this journey with me. I love writing sweet, inspiring stories that make a difference, and if that is the case for you, please consider letting other readers know by leaving a review for the book here.

Thank you!

MAE’S CHOICE, A Valentine Mail Order Brides Series is Live on Amazon!

I’m excited to share the release of MAE’S CHOICE, a Valentine Mail Order Bride Series created in collaboration with six additional women authors. We formed a group called the Sweet & Clean Book Club and will be releasing all sweet and clean romances that make you go “awww”!

MAE is a beautiful, feisty and determined young woman in an era where “women should be seen and not heard.” She’s been coddled and pampered for as long as she can remember but she’s ready to leave her sheltered life as the youngest child of a minister behind to see the world.

Her parents want to marry her off to a man that they approve, but Mae is bound and determined to choose her own husband. As Valentine’s Day approaches, she overhears a conversation about heading out West as a mail order bride and Mae decides that that’s the ticket to her freedom. Her plan now set, she’ll head out West and live the life she’s always longed for. Or so she thinks….

Paul, is a good, kind and simple man of faith with a heart of gold. When he meets Mae, he’s taken aback at her strong will and independent ideas but, as time goes on, he begins to feel an attraction that he can no longer deny. Will he and Mae find the way to each other’s hearts or will her fierce determination to do things her way be the ultimate test of their faith?

Find out by getting your copy here: http://amzn.to/1QXkO72

If you love the story, please consider leaving a review here: REVIEW

And don’t forget about the other books in the series! Visit SweetCleanBookClub.com for a complete list of wonderful, sweet mail order bride romances.

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