New Release! Reluctantly Charmed, a Clean Historical Romance is Live on Amazon!

Doctor Holloway’s sweet romance, Reluctantly Charmed, is now live on Amazon, and part of the Hero Hearts series!

This book is packed with action, strong alpha males, and women with heart and sass. For those of you who read Lawfully Charmed, you know that Doc Holloway is a good soul, dedicated physician, and not a person to be messed with. Add to that a woman who is a Suffragette, independent, and has a huge heart, and you have a pretty amazing romance just waiting to be told.

Here’s the book blurb:

Claire Clarke is a natural-born matchmaker. She thinks her best friend Magdalena Allen and the handsome Doctor Lance Holloway of Bareglen Creek would be perfect together.
Simply perfect.
But Magdalena is wounded, and has no interest in men. 
Not now. Not ever.
She has one domineering man in her life already (her father) and she definitely doesn’t need another.
She’s perfectly content to remain single, but her father doesn’t agree. He’s given her three months to find a husband or he’ll find one for her.

At Claire’s recommendation, Magdalena travels from 
Philadelphia to Bareglen Creek, TX to help the Sisters at the orphanage, and teach the children.

Doc Holloway is intrigued by Magdalena—he admires her fiery spirit and dedication to the orphans—but Magdalena finds him to be bossy and nearly as insufferable as her father, one of Philadephia’s most respected surgeons.
As the 3-month deadline of her father’s ultimatum draws near, her friends try to convince Magdalena that a marriage of convenience to the handsome doctor might be better than an arranged marriage with a person of her father’s choosing.
When danger comes to Bareglen Creek, Magdalena learns first-hand just how dominant and protective the handsome doctor can be. Will she be able to see past his overbearing and bossy ways to the love that motivates him? Or will her resentment of her father and his ultimatum destroy her chance for true love?
Doc Holloway is more than a bit tired of having the single town’s women chase him, so you can imagine how appealing it is to have an intelligent, kind-hearted, Christian woman who won’t.
Yes, chemistry and sparks fly, as well as tears, in this clean historical romance as Magdalena begins to realize that some bossy and even dominant men only assert that role when it is done in love, and because the man who loves them knows that it is best for them.
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