Patiently Charmed, a New Sweet Historical Romance in the Bareglen Creek Series

A new sweet and clean historical romance is live on Amazon: Patiently Charmed

This book is part of the historical Bareglen Creek series, and although a standalone, characters from book 1, Lawfully Charmed and book 2, Reluctantly Charmed are featured in book three. Do you have to read one and two first? Not at all! Will you possibly enjoy it more if you know the other character’s stories? Probably.

Patiently Charmed is the long-awaited story of Dr. Lee Jamison, M.D. and Mary Hawarden Trost, Claire’s sister from Lawfully Charmed. Mary and Lee have been attracted to each other since they met, but Mary is struggling to get over her grief and guilt around the death of her husband.

She’s also become accustomed to life and independence as a single woman–and Dr. Jamison is nothing if not a strong alpha male, regardless of the fact that he’s an excellent doctor and psychiatrist.

I hope you’ll journey through the struggles with Mary and Lee as they navigate their way through trials and even danger to find out of they belong together.

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