The New Burnt River Contemporary Western Romance Series Giveaway

I am thrilled to be writing with some amazing contemporary western romance authors in the new Burnt River Series.

Collaborating with them to create the town of Burnt River, the characters, men, women, children and families who make up this fictional town, and the opportunity to weave stories of triumph, romance, and love throughout is an honor that is indescribable.

This week we are featuring a contest giveaway in honor of the books written and the books still to come, and we hope you will join us! You can find the Burnt River Group (Facebook) here, and even if you discover this after the giveaway is over, we hope that you will still join us and take part in what is quickly becoming a wonderful community of readers and romance lovers.

My first book, Aqua’s Achilles, focuses on an unusual addition to the Burnt River community, the Weaver family. They are considered to be a bit of an outcast, yet manage to be part of the community and fabric of the town. Aqua’s Achilles focuses on the daughter (Aqua) and her unexpected return to Burnt River and the tumultuous relationship she re-develops with one of Burnt River’s doctors, Blake Stone.

The story ends with a bit of a twist that will develop over the course of the series.

My book 2, IVY’S SEARCH, which is book 8 in the series, starts with a bang as one of Aqua’s former college roommates reaches out during a time of trouble. She brings with her some baggage that no one in Burnt River can anticipate, and although the road is rocky and even dangerous at times, we’ll soon find out if Ivy will find what she is searching for and find the same happiness and love that the other characters in Burnt River have experienced — or will she continue to run?

Have you read the other books in the series? Please let me know in the comments below and join us in the group for fun discussion, connections, a common love of romance, and giveaways/contests.



ELIZABETH: Suffragettes Mail Order Bride Agency Book 2 is LIVE

It’s been promised for awhile and now ELIZABETH is LIVE on Amazon! You canElizabeth by Kate Cambridge on Amazon get your copy here.

If you’re wondering what took so long, a female bandit made her way into the story, and Elizabeth encountered some unexpected challenges in her journey West! You can read all about it in the book, and today through Wednesday there’s special launch day pricing of just 99 cents!

Do you love reading fiction? Delight in telling other people about the last book you read? Spend time online (social media, blogging, etc.)? Then you might be a perfect addition to my Kate Cambridge street team!

If you are interested in being a beta reader, ARC reader, or part of my new Street Team, please email me at to let me know which of those you’re interested in, along with any details on other teams you may be involved in and what you love most.

Most importantly, thanks for being part of this journey with me. I love writing sweet, inspiring stories that make a difference, and if that is the case for you, please consider letting other readers know by leaving a review for the book here.

Thank you!

MAE’S CHOICE, A Valentine Mail Order Brides Series is Live on Amazon!

I’m excited to share the release of MAE’S CHOICE, a Valentine Mail Order Bride Series created in collaboration with six additional women authors. We formed a group called the Sweet & Clean Book Club and will be releasing all sweet and clean romances that make you go “awww”!

MAE is a beautiful, feisty and determined young woman in an era where “women should be seen and not heard.” She’s been coddled and pampered for as long as she can remember but she’s ready to leave her sheltered life as the youngest child of a minister behind to see the world.

Her parents want to marry her off to a man that they approve, but Mae is bound and determined to choose her own husband. As Valentine’s Day approaches, she overhears a conversation about heading out West as a mail order bride and Mae decides that that’s the ticket to her freedom. Her plan now set, she’ll head out West and live the life she’s always longed for. Or so she thinks….

Paul, is a good, kind and simple man of faith with a heart of gold. When he meets Mae, he’s taken aback at her strong will and independent ideas but, as time goes on, he begins to feel an attraction that he can no longer deny. Will he and Mae find the way to each other’s hearts or will her fierce determination to do things her way be the ultimate test of their faith?

Find out by getting your copy here:

If you love the story, please consider leaving a review here: REVIEW

And don’t forget about the other books in the series! Visit for a complete list of wonderful, sweet mail order bride romances.

Thank you, and blessings,


BEGINNINGS is Live in a Multi-author Mega Box Set on Amazon


My very first story, BEGINNINGS, is part of an exclusive bestselling box set called “19 Brides For 19 Cowboys”!

The book sets the stage for my new Suffragette Mail-Order Bride series, and the story of Elizabeth and her passion for women’s rights and her love for her friends. She’s feisty, beautiful, independent, and a woman of faith. The Multi-Author Mega Box Set is LIVE on Amazon! Click the image below to check it out, and read my story, BEGINNINGS, by Kate Cambridge. It is available exclusively in this box set for the next 6 months. Enjoy, and please leave a review if you love the story, and get on the email list above for advance notice of Elizabeth’s story! Get your copy of BEGINNINGS here along with 18 additional exclusive, never-before published books: BEGINNINGS

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You’ll also have advanced notice of new titles that are published, which means you get an amazing price of $0.99, and 3 days to pick it up at that price before it increases! We’ll let you know when we have fun giveaways, contest, and even ARC opportunities.

I look forward to connecting!